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Magadhi Mewa

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Magadhi Mewa

Project Goals

To design and develop a responsive and attractive website for Jugal Bakers, where customers can view their products, prices, and offers, and order online.
To create and manage social media accounts for Jugal Bakers, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, where they can post engaging and relevant content, such as photos, videos, reviews, and promotions, and interact with their customers and potential customers.
To increase the online visibility, reputation, and sales of Jugal Bakers, by using effective SEO strategies, online advertising, and analytics.
To provide ongoing support and maintenance for Jugal Bakers’ website and social media accounts, and to monitor and evaluate their online performance and customer feedback.

Social Media Content

Trending & Creative

Every pixel matters, serving as a gateway to user engagement. Understanding the target audience, their behaviors, and incorporating intuitive navigation are key.

At Arcbig, designing for our clients is a meticulous craft that harmonizes creativity, functionality, and a laser focus on the user experience. Each pixel we place is a deliberate step towards engaging our clients' audiences effectively. We recognize the significance of not just creating visually stunning designs but ensuring they resonate with the target audience.

Consistency is more than a design principle; it's a commitment to building a strong brand identity for our clients. Our designs are responsive, adapting seamlessly to various devices, because user experience knows no bounds.

I am the owner of Jugal Bakers, a bakery shop in Ghaziabad that has been in business for over 49 years. I wanted to expand my customer base and reach more people online, so I decided to hire Arcbig Solutions, a social media marketing agency that was recommended by a friend.

I am very happy with their services and the results they have delivered. They helped me to create a beautiful and user-friendly website, where customers can see my products, prices, and offers. They also set up and managed my social media accounts, where they posted attractive and engaging content, such as photos, videos, reviews, and promotions. They also interacted with my customers and answered their queries and feedback. They helped me to increase my online visibility, reputation, and sales.

I highly recommend Arcbig Solutions to anyone who wants to grow their business online. They are professional, creative, and reliable. They are the best social media marketing agency in the NCR .
Directer – Jatin Sachdeva
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